Server Stats
  • Game Serveronline
  • Login Serveronline
  • Updateronline
  • Mode PvP
  • Server Time
  • Exp Rates 50x
    Drop Rates: 5x
    Animus: 1500x
    Loot Price 10x
    Loot Speed 10x
    Maximal Level 55
    Total Accounts: 681

Empire rf online server

Server Info

  • Experience Rates: x50
  • Drop Rates: 5x
  • Animus Rates: 1500x
  • Loot Price: 10x
  • Loot Speed: 10x
  • PT/Skill points/Force: x300
  • Maximal Level 55
  • Shop in-game Enable
  • PVP Max 42.000 / Day
  • Accounts Free gain GP for time Logged
  • New Maps Added
  • Active Honour Guild

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Publish date 24.04.2018, 14:17 PM

News !!!

Empire RF Online was launched. I recommend you to read any notice, were you will be informed about some modifications, upgrade or maintenance to the Server.

Publish date 10.05.2016, 01:23 AM

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